May Box

May 16, 2018

Seraph Awaken

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dumerso

Mixed Heirloom | Fully Washed

Bergamot. Strawberry. Black Tea.

Brazil Fazenda Recreio

Yellow Bourbon | Natural Processed

Pear. Floral. Dutch Cocoa

Papua New Guinea Sigri A - Espresso

Typica | Fully Washed

Brown Sugar. Cacao. Lemongrass


Artisan Roastery

El Salvador Finca San Jose

Pacas & Sarchimor | Fully Washed

Apple. Cane Sugar. White Chocolate.

Colombia Alejandro Ahumada

Caturra & Colombia | Fully Washed

Apple. Brown Sugar. Orange.

Brazil Fazenda Passieo - Espresso

Topazio | Natural Processed

Raisin. Hazelnut. Chocolate.


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