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Colombia El Triunfo

Quantity: 200g - 30th June

200g pack whole bean ship within 24 hours
100% specialty arabica coffee beans only


Variety Pink Bourbon
Processing Anaerobic Washed
Region Huila
Altitude 1800masl
Roast Level Medium Roast 
Tasting Note Roselle. Grapefruit. Black Tea. Pomegranate.
Quantity 200g

About Reframe Coffee Roasters:

About this coffee :

Tarqui is the main focus area in Huila. It is in the Central Cordillera of the Andes Mountains, with coffee growing in altitudes up to 2000 masl, and with rich and varied microclimates. In the northern part, the main harvest is in July-August and the mitaka or mid-harvest is in November-December. In the southern parts, this is reversed. This means it is possible to have fresh coffee in from Tarqui all year. The farmers are small, having 1-3 hectares each, and are often organized in groups. We have two major producer groups of 10-20 farmers that we work with, as well as individual producers in different areas.

Coffees are picked in 3-4 passes. This means the producers/workers pick the more or less ripe cherries in one block. Then they might wait a few weeks until it’s again a decent amount of ripe cherries to pick in that same place. This coffee was fermented for 48 hrs in closed plastic tanks, 12 hrs in ceramic tanks & 24 hrs in open plastic tanks.

For the smallholders in regions like Huila, the coffees are commonly sun-dried in parabolic dryers that almost work as greenhouses. The better producers have well-ventilated facilities. There are many different variations and constructions, but generally, they are all systems that is able to protect the coffee from rain.  

This Pink Bourbon varietal is exceptionally vibrant with lots of refreshing fruity notes. You'll get roselle, grapefruit, & pomegranate red fruit vibrancy, finished with hints of black tea on the aftertaste. A refreshing coffee is best to enjoy in the afternoon.

Brewing Recipe: 

Brewing ratio 1 : 1.8
Ground coffee 18g
Espresso output 33g
Brew time 28-35 seconds
Brewing ratio 1 : 11
Ground coffee 18g
Total water 250ml
Water temperature 93ºc
Brew time 2-3 minutes