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JWC Drip Coffee Box - Pink Panther


Pinky Fruit. Strawberry Ice Cream. Raspberry Juice. Chocolate Brownies.

Roaster Note :

Now brewing fresh coffee can be very easy.

JWC Drip Coffee bag is a convenient and easy way to brew a cup of good coffee. It’s fresh because of our Nitrogen gas filling packaging. Nitrogen gas has long been used in the food packaging industry to help preserve the freshness, integrity, and quality of the delivered product.

So need hot water and a cup, you’ll immediately enjoy a cup of delicious fresh coffee wherever you go! Each box comes with 6 pack drip coffee bag.

Using two Colombia single origin coffee beans, one of the Colombia coffee is using an anaerobic natural yeast to process the ripest coffee cherry. JWC The Pink Panther signature house blend coffee is roasted in small batches in our roaster daily, it will give you an amazing coffee experience.

Brewing Instruction : 

1. Place Drip Pack on your favourite mug.
2. Slowly pour 200ml of hot water (95˚c) into Drip Pack. 
3. Enjoy!