Penghantaran Percuma untuk Langganan & pesanan melebihi RM80

Penghantaran Percuma untuk Langganan & pesanan melebihi RM80

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The Pitcher

Surprisingly, perfect spout and handle alignment is not a high-priority of milk jug manufacturers. Motivated to find just one precise pitcher that met our standard for competitions, The Pitcher was born. Our pitcher is meticulously aligned in all directions down to the millimetre. At the same time, we beefed up durability to withstand constant use behind the bar. 


We went to intense lengths to make this pitcher dead straight. The spout is straight, the handle is straight, and it all comes together to help you pour perfectly symmetrical latte art.

Alignment is within a tolerance of 1mm - this a spun and pressed steel part which presents many challenges in production.

Laser Welds

Thick laser welding across the butt of the handle ensures it won’t fall off; even with heavy commercial use. Forget about lazy spot welding.

We also opted for a thicker stainless for both handle and body to be sure this object isn’t denting or warping without considerable duress.