Penghantaran Percuma untuk Langganan & pesanan melebihi RM80

Penghantaran Percuma untuk Langganan & pesanan melebihi RM80

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How To Do Chocolate Tasting

Single origin chocolate is unlike any commercial chocolate that you can find in any mart or convenience store. The main difference is all about the flavours! 😍

Just like single origin coffees, single origin bean to bar chocolates are made with cocoa beans s from a specific farm, add a little cane sugar and made into chocolate bar without any additives. Clean chocolate with no nasties at all 🙌🏼

Hence, you can get to taste the difference in flavours in different single origin chocolate bars! Experience the colourful fruity, nutty flavours in chocolate bar 🥰


The easiest way for chocolate tasting is to get a couple of single origin chocolate bars, take a small piece of each bar and slowly saviour it!

As the chocolate melts in your mouth, you can try to identify the flavours by categories into fruity, floral, nutty, spice etc 🍑🌸🌰🌿

Once you finish it, drink some water to cleanse & rinse off any chocolate left in your palate. Then take another small piece and keep tasting! 😋

This is a great family activity to share some chocolates with everyone at home 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Good chocolates is meant for sharing ❤️ 

The perfect time for chocolate tasting is after dinner, where everyone will be super happy to enjoy & saviour delicious chocolate together.

To make it easy for chocolate tasting, check out all the Chocolate Bundles here 

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